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Syndicated Animation TV Spots For Sale

Over the years KFA has partnered with several clients to produce TV Spots at a discounted price. The concept occurred when a new client, impressed with our Production Quality, would express interest in Animation Quality that they wanted but could not afford because of the labor costs involved in fully animated and highly illustrated Animation Production.

The solution for our client was KFA agreeing to produce the high quality animation for the discounted production budget resulting in the opportunity for us to resell the animation in another market at a discounted price to recoup our investment in the animation production. Any client interested in considering this option can then purchase a high quality animated production and truly acquire a high quality advertisement at a discounted cost.

You can begin by reviewing our current Gallery of TV Spots. There are 4 TV Spots in our Gallery for Sale that can be purchased and Customized for your specific campaign.

If you are interested in what we are offering but can’t find a TV Commercial that fits your needs we would be happy to discuss the option of producing another Spot for our Gallery that could also fulfill your needs. High quality animation at a discounted rate could benefit you and your client.

To either purchase a spot or consider creating a spot
please contact us at or 724-266-0329.


Mike Schwab