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1987 Penquins TV Campaign-Penquin 17



1987 Penguins Animation

After completing two more advertising campaigns for the Penguins in 85 and 86 the popularity of the “Steroid Penguin” animation from 1984 became a part of the 1987 campaign.

The TV Spot was centered on footage that the Penguin organization had NFL films shoot during a game between the Pens and Islanders to be used for the coming season. The problem was key members of the team featured in the footage became injured, retired, or were traded before the next season arrived.

The popularity of Rotoscope Animation entered the main stream of advertising and provided a good solution for the use of the footage. Rotoscope Animation is a technique where the animator traces movement from live footage and passes on the drawings to be illustrated adding artistic style and bright colors adding to the impact of the movement. For this campaign, Bill Waldman, who went on to become a Disney Animator, was responsible for the tightly rendered rotoscope drawings and Mike Schwab was in charge of handling the extensive ink and paint technique.

The original “Steroid Penguin” skating from the 1984 campaign was used and animating illustrated backgrounds were added to the animation that gave the illusion of the Penguin skating all over the ice.

The spot became a big hit winning Best Animation at the yearly regional Telly awards given for outstanding film and animation TV Commercials.

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