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1984 Penquins TV Campaign-Penquin 1



After completing a successful ad campaign and scoreboard animation for the Pittsburgh Maulers with KD Productions we were asked to help them develop an animated tag for the Penguins.

The goal was to take their skating penguin and transform him into a hulking strong character that could take on and defeat his opponents. Through the talented hands of the Kensington Falls Studio artists we succeeded and went on to use the same award winning animation for three advertising campaigns winning two Clio Awards for regional production in 1987 and 1988.

For these two later campaigns we continued using our popular rotoscope technique based on live action footage from several hockey games. Besides completing the coloring process of the animation on traditional animation cels we also used the same sequence of animation drawings and photo copied them to separate animation paper and completed the process with colored pencils.

Each technique is featured in our Animation Gallary.

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