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1992 Pirate Swashbuckler


With all of the popular scoreboard features that we had been doing for the Pirates we had never created an animation for when the players take the field at the beginning of the game.

Our concept development ended with the idea of having a “Pirate” wielding his sword as if he was in the midst of a battle. We also wanted to base the character on the Pirate logo so that presented some production problems on how to create a believable movement for the character.
At the time the studio had been successful at producing more and more rotoscope animation. Rotoscope animation is created from “live action” footage reference. The process begins by filming the required actions based on the approved storyboard and then simply tracing the movements and illustrating the drawings in the desired design and technique for the animation.
We filmed our producer in a Pirate outfit with a wooden sword and came up with the right acting to achieve the “feel” we were hoping to achieve. We also had footage of some very funny out takes!

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