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2002 Pirates Bloopers Anvil B11



2002 Pirate Bloopers

With the First Season at PNC Park we had a great opportunity to produce a whole new package of Scoreboard Animations which included T Shirt and Hot Dog Tosses, Rallies, and Bloopers. Each of these animations included at least two of a new cast of characters that we developed at the studio and normally featured the Pirate and Parrot.

Our client had a real appreciation for the old classic cartoons at Warner Bros which almost always included some unique gags. One of the popular gags was dropping an anvil onto an opposing character.

Our featured frame from the 2002 Blooper was the Pirate up in the crow’s nest dropping the old anvil down on to the unsuspecting Parrot. In most of our animations the Parrot gets it in the end.

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