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1998 Pirate Train Sc3 Train 2



1998 Pirate Train

By 1998 our original Pirate Train produced in 1989 was chugging along just fine to the Fans, Woo-Wooo!

We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to give the Train a makeover. The original Train was done using a very illustrated look with a more limited approach to the animation. For the “new” train we were going to reverse the formula by giving the new Train a more animated look using a strong use of squash and stretch, that we called our “Ren and Stimpy” look.

The animation was produced by Mike Schwab and assisted by a group of 3-4 students from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, led by animators Diego Turcios and Christopher Wild. We finalized the artwork by using the traditional ink and paint on animation cells method using a blue range of colors on the train to build form. The sunburst backgrounds were produced by Ivy Williams.

The final animation up on the Jumbotron at Three Rivers Stadium was quite an experience for this young Production Team from AIP.

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